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By practicing Integrative Medicine, we have the unique ability to offer Western Medicine, as well as many Holistic Therapies that also promote health and wellness!  Read more

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veterinarian glacial ridgeWelcome to Glacial Ridge Veterinary Clinic PA

Jean Hollenstein, D.V.M, Owner

We are so glad you found us! We would love to meet you if you haven't been in before and we are so happy to see you again if you are an old friend! Our warm and welcoming staff are eager to work with you and see how we can enrich your pets' life.

We believe that using the latest medical and surgical information combined with other established natural healing traditions helps our patients through health challenges in a way that honors them, their human guardians, and our planet. Blending technology of tomorrow with wisdom of the past gives us the chance to find the best road in you pets’ healing journey.   We love to help people and their pets! 


Have you recently added a pet to your family?

When you decide to get a pet, make sure your new addition starts off on the right foot with proper care. Our general wellness and veterinary services allow your new pet to grow up healthy & happy.

Enjoy comprehensive services for your pet.

Whether you need a simple checkup or surgery services for your animal, we offer a large selection of veterinarian services to fit your needs. With our trained staff, your pet will be in good hands.

A comfortable home away from home.

Don't let the responsibility of a pet keep you from going on vacation. With our short and long term boarding services, you can rest easy knowing your pet is being taken care of.

Keeping your pet clean and happy.

Stay on top of your pet's appearance and keep them looking neat. Our full service grooming done by our experienced groomer will have your pet looking better than ever.